Claims Notification

An errors and omissions liability insurance policy is quite explicit about notification of claims or incidents that might give rise to a claim. The AdvisersGold™ Select policy states the following:

Claim means:

  1. a written or verbal demand received by you for Damages or civil proceeding, request for Alternative Dispute Resolution or demand for injunctive relief arising out of a Covered Act committed by you;
  2. a Disciplinary Proceeding or subpoena but only to the extent of coverage provided by Insuring Agreements 1.2.1 and 1.2.2.
  3. a notice of arbitration proceeding arising from a Covered Act .


Reporting of Covered Acts That May Give Rise To A Claim

If during the Policy Period, you become aware of a Covered Act that may reasonably be expected to give rise to a Claim, and if you report such specific Covered Act to us in writing during the Policy Period, or the automatic or optional Extended Reporting Period, if applicable, then any Claim subsequently arising from such specific Covered Act duly reported in accordance with this paragraph shall be deemed a Claim made during the Policy Period. Such written notice to us shall include:

  1. specific details of the act, error or omission, regulatory action or demand for arbitration;
  2. specific injuries or Damages;
  3. the names of potential claimants, if available; and
  4. the manner in which you first became aware of the Covered Act.

Claims, or incident that may potential give rise to a claim should be immediately notified to:

QBE Insurance Claims
88 Pine Street, 19th Floor

New York, NY 10005

Phone +1 (877) 722-6771

Attention: Kiera Goral

If you require assistance with a cyber claim or cyber related issue visit:

This may include:

  • Cause of loss tools
  • Breach assistance
  • Notification assistance
  • Security Training

Contact us by email or (201) 345 2440 for password/access information.